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Unit 9

Unit 9

This is the week we get out of the house and go look at some art. The structure of the week is pretty simple. I’m giving you a list of possible museums and galleries you can go visit, and I want you to go out, look at some art in person, and then come back and report in the discussion post.

Let me just make some explicit rules:

  1. MERCER’S GALLERY DOESN’T COUNT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT! Go ahead and check it out, especially if you’re on campus anyway, but I really don’t want to hear about it in the discussion posts. This is about getting you out of your comfort zone, and into the world. Yes I’m talking to you, student who has never been to a New York Art Museum.
  2. MAKE SURE YOU ARE GOING TO SEE ART THAT FITS OUR CLASS! I’m not poo-pooing Modernism, or the art of any other time period, but this class covers 1955 to today, so if you come back telling me about some wonderful Impressionism you saw, well, I’m not going to be too impressed. Check on-line before you go to see what the shows are. For instance, this semester, the Guggenheim is showing Picasso, and Kandinsky, so it’s on the list but it doesn’t count. If you go to the Moma, go ahead and see those masterpieces you’ve only seen posters of, but come back and write about the contemporary art.
  3. If you absolutely can’t get yourself into New York, well it’s a shame because you live so close to one of the major capitals of art in the world, and people across the globe tell me how much they love visiting the city you live next door to. But there are a couple galleries closer to you in New Jersey that I’ll accept. I’ve included them in the list, but you must visit AT LEAST TWO museums or galleries if you’re staying in New Jersey.

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