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Lawton Mull

Lawton Mull

Lawton Mull is an artworks, furniture and fine art objects retailer out of New York City. Running on WordPress, this site presents products organized by category, as well as rooms organized around multiple objects.

The inspiration tab, and soon to be on the home page as well, features custom javascript that takes an unordered list of images and text and continuously replaces the first one on the left. The order of the list is rearranged by the script, so the slideshow can loop endlessly.

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92nd Street Y Summer Camps

Founded in 1874, the 92nd Street Y is a nonprofit community and cultural center which hosts 300,000 annual visitors and millions more through the internet.

The Summer Camps site uses custom scripting to generate a draggable virtual map of the campsite. Buildings on the map bring up window panes with videos, slideshows and animated panoramas of the actual camp.

Mobile detection diverts the viewer to a version which offers the same content through a drop-down list.

the proposition

The Proposition, Artists Pages

Javascript menu controlled content and slideshows

Menu control for dynamically generated content divs. Information for each artist is loaded on a single page, different sections revealed by the menu buttons. Slideshows are loaded with text and images, also viewable in a lightbox.
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Proof-of-concept website

An interactive game rendered entirely in the HTML5 canvas. This site is a testing ground for my piggyback framework FlyPaper for Paper.js. See FlyPaper on github for details.

Intercon Productions

Intercon Production

Video Production Website

Intercon Production serves as the calling card for German TV director Marianne Schaefer Trench. The productions page features streaming HTML5 video, with flash backup, as well as pop up windows containing press related to each film.

psychiatry neurology

Psychiatry Neurology

JQuery slideshow

This script uses the jQuery to advance the feature block through the three thumbnails. It works on timing and also accepts thumbnail selections.

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