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Unit 10

Unit 10

Way back in our introductory unit, we looked at artists who felt the need to question the role of beauty in art. This week, we return to this topic, laying out a sample of current working artists who continue this trend from the 90′s to today.

Many of these artists are of a group known as the YBA, or “Young British Artists”; a name given to them when they were propelled into the spotlight with the exhibition titled Sensation. Now mid-career established artists, at the time they were all fresh out of art school, and all tied together in the collection of Charles Saatchi.

I have also added several artists who would fit this weeks focus for other reasons. Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, and John Currin, all three figurative painters who’s talent can’t be denied, but who’s questioning what constitutes a beautiful painting take them in many different directions. Paul McCarthy, a West Coast Artist known for his performances and grotesque sculptures, who’s work often infuses humor with the scatological. Felix Gonzales-Torres and David Wojnarowicz, both artists who died of AIDS and tackle the diffifult subject in their work. And finally I’ve added a piece about Anna Utopia Giordano, not a famous artist, but one who completed a piece which questions our preception of beauty in the world of fashion and the human figure.

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