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Art 125: Welcome

Art 125: Welcome
January 21st, 2012

Welcome to ART-125 Topics in Contemporary Art

Our first class will be on Monday, January 23rd.

This website will be continually updated throughout the course. Links will be provided to download all the course material; summaries of the classes will be provided, along with a list of the most important things to have come away from the class with.

Please look over the lists that start with After this class you should be able to. If anything in this list is confusing, PLEASE bring it up in the following class and I will try to clarify any point that I didn’t explain clearly. Assigned reading are from the textbook: Twentieth Century American Art by Erica Doss

Additionally, I will post any news or upcoming events such as tests, fieldtrips, etc., as well as anything that is due next week.

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