nasin nasa nanpa luka - meli ante

Jul 15, 2020

It’s been exactly a year since I wrote about Vacon Sartirani’s web comic nasin nasa, written entirely in sitelen sitelen, so I thought I really should post an update. Episode 5 just made it to my house about a week ago, and what can I say? Every episode since the first has been just as strong, just as weird and just as enjoyable.

You can still Subscribe to get your own, and catch up on all the previous issues on tapas or webtoons.

tenpo sike suno la mi toki e sitelen pi jan Wacon. ona li toki kepeken sitelen sitelen taso. tenpo ni la mi wile toki e ni: ona li lon awen! lipu nanpa luka li kama tawa tomo mi. sitelen li wawa. ona li jo e jan suli en monsuta nasa. lipu ale li pona mute.

o kama jo e lipu. o lukin e sitelen lon lipu Tapa anu lipu Wepaton.

mi toki ala kon